“I try to give customers what I would like to find when I go to a place, thinking of welcoming them as if they were at my own home.”

Let’s take a step back and go back to 1963, the year when the Leoni brothers, Alfonso and Gabriele, opened this establishment just a stone’s throw from the sea.

Today the restaurant “Da Lele di Riccione” still belongs to our family, with a completely family-run management, relying on the culinary expertise of my father, Alfonso, and under the guidance of both myself and Jessica, my sister.

Just like in the past, the cuisine is prompt, fresh, and genuine, with tradition as its strength. The pasta is homemade, sauces are cooked on the spot, fish is sourced from the fresh market, and meats come from our trusted butcher. Today, fruits and vegetables are obtained daily from local small-scale producers.

Our simple and genuine spirit makes this modern venue the ideal meeting place to experience that sense of domestic conviviality, typical of Romagnola cuisine.

Here, you won’t find anonymous flavors; each dish is prepared with love, and I’m certain it will make you close your eyes to fully savor its taste!

There are numerous seafood specialties to enjoy: from rustic Romagnole grilled dishes to cold appetizers, to the famous “Caramelle di pesce” (fish candies), named precisely for their shape. But don’t forget our wood-fired pizza, in all its variations, from the most classic to the gourmet.

Our attentive and caring management, combined with the desire for innovation and the continuous support of my wife and children, have ensured that our restaurant consistently rides the wave, establishing itself in the market as a historic brand in Riccione.

The entrepreneurial spirit of our ever-evolving family has also extended to the creation of a craft beer inspired by Havana, bearing our name. Birra Leoni is offered in three different types: light, red, and amber, each to be paired with the restaurant’s specialties.

Our venue keeps its promises, always remaining true to itself while innovating over time. Every time is a surprise, each time is a confirmation.

Welcome to our home, and enjoy your meal!



Viale Gabriele D’Annunzio, 94c 47838 Riccione (RN)