Leoni Beer is born from the love and passion of the Leoni Family for Taste.

“Since 1963, my family has been in the restaurant business, believing that to meet the needs of customers, it is essential to first become their friends, winning over their tastes.
And to a friend, I offer only the best!”

The three Leoni beers are born from Stefano Leoni’s passion for craft beer and everything related to sought-after and exclusive products.

His decade-long experience in the field of catering has allowed him to develop a true culture about it.

Hence the desire to create three beers different from those on the market: Golden Lion, Savana, and Masai, each with different characteristics.

The careful search for the raw materials that compose them and the experience of one of the most renowned master brewers in the area have led to the creation of three products that are nothing short of exclusive and absolutely to be enjoyed.